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1.Enter Champion Road when the Friendly Shop is ready.

・In addition to useing high-level Pokemon, Champion Road trainers and There are many opportunities to use hidden machine along the way. Even if you bring one bibarel, the ease of progress of the champion road will change.

2.After passing through the champion road, battle with Barrys inside the Pokemon League.

・The Pokemon that Barrys want to watch out for is Snorlax.

・Snorlax has high HP and Sp.Def status, and can not be knocked down with a with a normal attack.

・Fight with fighting-type such as Infernape, Staraptor, and Lucario's Close Combat.

・Pokemon used by Barrys・

Lake partner (a type that is advantageous to the Lake Verity chosen by the main character) Lv53

・Staraptor Lv48

・Snorlax Lv51

・Heracross Lv50

・Roserade Lv49

・Gallop Lv49

3.After defeating your Barrys, get ready at the Friendly Shop or Pokemon Center

・Let's challenge the four Elte Fours.

・If you buy more X Attack, X special ups, and X speeds on the 2nd floor of the Veil stone department store, you the Easier to move on

・Recommended Pokemon against the Elte Four・




・Champion Road catch Golbat and use Evolved.



・Dialga Palkia








・Lake Verity partner

4.Go to the outback of the Pokemon League and battle with Elte Four Aaron.

・There is no Pokémon to watch out for.

・Pokemon used by Aaron・

・Dustox Lv53

・Beautifly Lv53

・Vespiquen Lv54

・Heracross Lv54

・Drapion Lv57

・Defeat Aaron and proceed to the back room.

5.Battle with Bertha of the four Elte Fours.

・The Pokemon that Bertha wants to be careful of are the tough hippowdon and whiscash.

・If you hve Abomasnow, defeat it with a Blizzard or a Wood Hammer.

・Useing X special for Dialga, Palkia, Lake partner, Uxie, and Azelf Easier to move on.

・Pokemon used by Bertha・

・Usokki Lv56

・Golem Lv56

・Whiscash Lv55

・Hippowdon Lv59

・Quagsire Lv55

・Defeat Bertha and proceed to the back room.

6.Over and battle of the four Elte Fours Flint.

・The Pokémon that you want to be careful of over are Drifblim and Infernape.

・Drifblim has low defense and special defense, but thanks to HP, the durability value is high,

・And since the over-trump card Infernape is strong in type and quick, it can be effective against many Pokemon in the first place. Let's battle after lowering the attack with the ability or pokemon move.

・Pokemon used by Flint・

・ Rapidash Lv58

・Drifblim Lv58

・Infernape Lv61

・Lopunny Lv57

・Steelix Lv57

・Win the over and proceed to the back room.

7.Battle with Lucian of the four Elte Fourss.

・The Pokemon that Lucian wants to watch out for are Alakazam and Bronzong.

・Alakazam has a fairly high Sp.ATK and quickness, but its defense is low.

・A place where you want to fight quickly with first move or speeder.

・Bronzong is a powerful enemy whose ground type is invalidated by its Abilitys.

・Let's battle use with ghost-type.

・Pokemon used by Lucian・

・Bronzong Lv63

・Alakazam Lv60

・Mr. Mime Lv59

・Medicham Lv60

・Girafarig Lv59

8.Defeat Lucian and go to the champion's room.

・Champion Battle with Cynchia .

・All the Pokemon that Sirona wants to be careful of.

・The biggest enemy among them is Garchomp.

・Garchomp has a high status and has powerful moves.

・When fighting with Garchomp, it is difficult to put out ice-type Pokemon.

・Players who hve a hippowdon should be aware that the Ability sand storm of the hippowdon will make Garchomp even stronger.

・Pokemon used by Cynchia・

・Spiritomb Lv61

・Roserade Lv60

・Lucario Lv63

・Milotic Lv63

・Gastrodon Lv60

・Garchomp Lv66

・Since Spiritomb be first,Put out first Lake Partner or Dialga or Palkia..

・While wishing that Spiritomb will not use the Item bind

・And first the X speed twice

・If it is a Attack skill main. X Attack 3 times

・If it is a special skill main, X special 3 times.

・In the case of Palkia, use one Dire Hit.

・After using it, defeat Cynchia's pokemon in the Lake Partner or Dialga or Palkia and. Game Clear.

9.After entering the Hall of Fame, you will be able to go to the Fight area from Snowpoint city,

・You will not be able to proceed to the back of the gate unless you hve completed the Sinnoh Pokedex.

10.After completing the Sinnoh Pokedex, you will proceed to the 225 Route.

・There, ratta and poliwhirl, which hve never appeared in the Sinnoh region, will appear.

・If you talk to the angler in the fight area, you can get a Super rod, so get it.

・If you use it in a pond in the Resort area, you will be able to catch magikarp with high Lv.

・If you use one mysterious candy for Magikarp with high Lv, there is a real trick to make Gyarados with high Lv.

・Before going to the Survival area, visit Pal Park on Route 221.

・Route 221 can be reached by surf south of Masago Town.

・At Pal Park, you can take Pokemon from past

・works, so you can adventure with the Pokemon you want to use.

11.Regigigas is in the deepest part of the snow point Temple, but it cannot be woken up in the usual way.

・To battle Regigigas at the Temple of Snowpoint, Regirock Regice Registeels need it.

・It is still unclear whether BDSP needs Regidrago and Regieleki.

12.An event occurs when I go to house in Canalve City.

・Since you can go to Fullmoon Island, go to Fullmoon Island by boat and go to see Cresselia.

・If you talk to Cresselia, you will be wandering around the Sinnoh region instead of escaping, so you will be able to encounter it in the wild, so let's catch it if you come out in the wild.

・Cresselia wandering around cannot escape due to the abilitys of Wobbuffet, so it is a chance to catch it.

13.After entering the Hall of Fame, you will be able to take the road leading to the back of Champion Road, which you could not go before clearing.

・Since you can act with Marley there, they will fight together until the exit of Route 224.

・Grasidea can be obtained by hving Shayme in hand at Floaroma Town.

・Grasidea can be used for Shaimi to change their form to Skyform.

14.Since there is a tapir inside Stark Mountain, he will act with him to the hinterland.

・After returning the volcanic stones to the hinterland of Stark Mountain, go to the hinterland of Stark Mountain again alone.

・Because there is a Pokemon called Heatran, which has powerful ability, type, and stats.

・If you get the chance, catch Heatran.

15.After entering the Hall of Fame, on the east side of Route 214, there is a road leading from the sending fountain to the Turn back cve, so let's stop by.

・There, the legendary Pokemon he is waiting for Giratina Lv70.

・If you catch it, it will be a very strong ally, so I want to catch it.

・If you hve Staraptor and Blissey, you will be able to hve an advantageous battle against Giratina, so

・Where you want to Staraptor and Blissey use.



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