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1.for 「Veilstone City」 from Route 215. Players who choose Chimchar will struggle along the way, so let's grow grass type and electric type.

・When you reach 「Veilstone City」, go to the gym and battle with 「Maylenes」.

・Pokemon used by Maylenes・

・Meditite Lv27

・Machoke Lv27

・Lucario Lv30

2.After defeating 「Maylenes」, tag team with Professor Eibe" his assistant "Lucius" or "Dawn" 「battle Ginga」 near the warehouse.

・Defeat the Ginga team and go to the warehouse to get the Hidden machine [Fly] However, I still can't get into the outback.

・Take Route 214 from the south exit of Veilstone City to head for Pastoria City.

・For the time being, proceed from the shore of Valor Lakefront to Route 213.

3.After reaching Pastoria City, play in the safari zone.

・When you enter the safari zone, there is a man, so if you talk to him, you will get a Hidden machine [Defog].

・The Pokemon you want to catch in the safari zone are Wooper and Quagsire.

・Abilitys of Wooper and Quagsire Water Absorb is a powerful characteristic that restores HP without being damaged by water type.

・It will become a reliable Pokemon for the player who chose Chimchar.

4.After playing the safari zone, prepare at the Pokemon Center and Friendly shops and go to Pastoria Jim.

・Pastoria Jim's Wake is a water-type user, and the toughest ones are Gyarados and Floatzel.

・If you lower the attack power due to the abilitys or Pokémon move, you can fight in an advantageous way, so don't worry.

・Gyarados is a weak point in the dons electric type
so be careful of the Quagsire and battle

・Quagsire is a Grass type is valid.

・Pokemon used by Crasher Wake・

・Quagsire Lv27

・Floatzel Lv30

・Gyarados Lv27.

・After defeating Crasher Wake and leving the gym, there is a Ginga group near the safari zone, so talk to them.

・In Pastoria City, the Ginga team escapes to Route 213 and when they chase after them and go to the gate, a Barry appears.

・Battle with Barrys in Pastoria City. he has Pokemon 4 bodies, and there are no Pokemon to watch out for.

5.After defeating rivals, follow the whereabouts of the Ginga corps on Route 213.

・From the sandy beach of Route 213 to the shore of Lake Rissi, chase the Ginga team and battle with the Ginga team.

6.Cynchia appears after winning the battle with the Ginga team.

・Get Hiden's medicine from Cynchia. This eliminates psyduck, who was north of Route 210.

・When psyduck on Route 210 is gone, Cynchia comes and is handed an ancient amulet.

・The fog gets deeper on the way, so let's use Defog.

・Pokemon that can Defog・















7.Arriving in Celestic Town, battle and win the Ginga corps near the ruins.

・Give an ancient amulet to the elder in Celestic Town.

・Defeat the Ginga corps and enter the ruins.Get a secret machine[surf] from an elder Celestic Town.

8.After that, I returned to Heart home City and battled with Fantina at Heart home Jim.

・The Pokémon that should be watched for in Fantina's Pokémon are Gengar and Mismagius.

・Gengar and Mismagius are and hve high Sp.ATK, so if you don't take the Dark type it will be a hard battle.

・Please note that Mismagius may be given a magical leaf when the bibarel is out.

・Pokemon used by Fantina・

・Drifblim Lv32

・Gengar Lv34

・Mismagius Lv36.

* Platinum version Fantina was in the Yosuga City contest
It will not appear until you finish the conversation event with Fantina.

・Pokemon used by Fantina Platinum version・

・Duskull Lv24

・Haunter Lv24

・Mismagius Lv26

9.After defeating Fantina, she reunites with Cynchia. She will then leve for canalve City.

*canalve City can be reached from the west gate of joblife city.

・The first player to choose a chimchar will surf the river west of Road 205 and detour to the Tatara Steel Works northwest. Inside the Tatara Steel Works, you can get a powerful machine, Flamethrowe, so I want to it.

10.After arriving at canalve City, he will meet with his assistant "Lucius" or "Dawn" to power up the Pokédex. Then, on the way to cross the bridge, battle with Barrys.

・Then explore the Iron Island by boat in the south.

・Act with Riley on Iron Island.

・Riley uses Lucario in battle time

・Here, it is easier to raise the Lv of Pokemon. If there is a Pokemon that you want to raise Lv, let's raise it.

・Encounter the Ginga team in the basement of Iron Island, engage in a multi battle with the Ginga team, and if you win, you can get eggs from Riley.

・The contents of the egg received from Gen are Riolu. This is the only way to get Riolu and Lucario in the Sinnoh region, so let's grow them carefully.

11.Go to the gym in canalve City and battle with Byron.

・Byron uses Steel-type Pokemon, but it is unlikely to be a disadvantageous battle.

・Let's challenge Jim normally and win.

・Pokemon used by Byron・

・Bronzor Lv36

・Steelix Lv36

・Bastiodon Lv39.

12.Defeat Byron and leve the gym to go to the library.

・Professor Eibe asked me to investigate the lake, so I went to Lake.

・The lake is dry on . Battle with Saturn of the Ginga group in the central cve.

・Saturn's first Kadabra uses psychokinesis because of his high Sp.Atk and quickness.

・Toxicroak also has higher Lv37 and Lv, and if you hve a Staraptor or Esper type, you can fight in an advantageous way.

・Battle with Saturn and win.

13.Next, go to Lake Verity and battle with Mars of the Ginga group.

・Purugly, which was initially tight, can now be defeated by infernapes and staraptors.

・After defeating Mars, head north on Mount Coronet towards Route 211.

14.After passing through Mt. Coronet, proceed from Route 216 to Route 217.

・Get the secret hidden machine [Rock Climb] near a private house on Road 217. When you show the [rock climb] to the residents of a private house

・You can get an Icicle Plate. It's a powerful item that doubles the ice-type move by 1.2 times, so let's get it.

・Encounter the Ginga team on the way, but let's go to Snowpoint city first and fight at the gym.

・Snowpoint gym's candice is an ice-type user, and if you choose Turtwig first, it will be a disadvantageous battle.

・There is a medicham in the grass on the 217th road, so if you catch it, you can fight in the gym to your advantage.

・Pokemon used by Candice・

・Snover Lv38

・Medicham Lv40

・Sneasel Lv38

・Abomasnow Lv42

15.I will go to Acuity Lake because I will be able to defeat Candice and go to Acuity Lakefront.

・Talk to the Ginga team in Veil stone City and proceed to the outback of the warehouse.

・There is a Galactic Key on the north side of B2F, so go get it.

・Exit the warehouse, enter the interior of the building and proceed to the 4th floor.

・Battle with Cyrus, the boss of the Ginga group, to sve the three lakes

・Pokemon used by Cyrus・


・Golbat Lv40

・Sneasel Lv43

・If you win Cyrus, you will get a master ball.

・Only one of these can be obtained in the story, so it's a waste to use it for the legendary Pokemon.

・It is safe to use the master ball when you encounter shiny Pokémon in the wild.

・Going further back, you'll reach the lab, where Uxie's Mesprit and his Azelf are captured.

・Battle and win against Saturn of the Ginga team to help.

・Since the Ginga team goes to Mt. Coronet, we also go to Mt. Coronet.

16.From Road 207, enter Mt. Coronet and proceed to the spear pillar.

・Battle with Mars and Jupiter on the spear pillar and win.

・Battle with Cyrus on the spear pillar.

・Wevile and Crobat are the Pokemon that Cyrus wants to be careful of.

・Both of them are very quick and will release moves before the main character Pokemon, let's fight with a Cyrus pokemon speed down.

・Cyrus Pokemon Battle2・

・Honchkrow Lv45

・Gyarados Lv45

・Wevile Lv48

・Crobat Lv46

17.After defeating Cyrus, There is a Dialga or Palkia in the outback, so let's go get it.

・Both are high at Lv47, and if you catch them, they will become strong allies.

・Adamant orb and Lustrous orb are items that can be said to be for that increase the power of Dialga and Palkia's types by 1.2 times.

・When fighting to catch, both of them will shoot a dragon type big move from a high Sp.ATK, so be careful. My pokemon Let's battle with steel type or fairy type

・There are Bronzong and Clefairy on the 6th floor of Mt. Coronet, so you may want to catch them before you challenge.

・After catching Dialga or Palkia, go to Acuity Lake and catch Uxie to strngthen her team.

・After getting Uxie, it will be useful to buy a skill machine at the Veil stone department store and remember it.

・If you remember the Reflect or Light Screen or Flash with a machine, you can fight in an advantageous way in battle, so I would like to recommend it.

・After getting Uxie, I want to get Azelf for the party, so I will go to Lake Valor and catch Azelf inside the cvity.

・Azelf is a powerful enemy who, after reaching the limit of Sp.Atks, uses Uproar and Future Sight.

・If you hve Spiritomb on hand, fight as it is and catch Azelf.

・If you don't hve Spiritomb, let Bronzong remember the Flash and fight.

18.After catching Azelf, head east from the shores of Lake Rissi and take Road 222 to Sunyshore City.

19.When you arrive at Sunyshore City, enter the lighthouse in the southeast and talk to Volkner.

・After talking to Volkner, you will be able to enter the gym, so let's challenge the gym.

・Battle with Volkner. Volkner's pokemon is a powerful Electric type user with only one weakness

・The main character has a legendary Pokemon with high status and Verity Lake partner with high Lv, so there is no disadvantage in battle. Let's fight as it is and win the battle.

・Pokemon used by Volkner・

・Raichu Lv46

・Ambipom Lv47

・Octillery Lv47

・Luxray Lv49

・After defeating Volkner, talk to Jasmine in the north of Sunyshore City to get a waterfall.

・Proceed north on the 223 Route aqueduct and arrive at Champion Road.



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