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Pokémon Diamond Pearl Clear guide site Introducing how to proceed from Eterna City to Solaceon ruins


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1.「Cheryl」 heal HP and PP, so it is easier to raise the Lv of flight type and flame type. If you hve a Starly or a Monferno, you may want to raise the Lv.

・When catching a Pokemon, it is always in a double battle state, so you can not catch it unless you 1defeat one. If you encounter a Pokemon or a shiny that you want to catch in the wild, be careful not to defeat it.

・If the Pokemon I would like to recommend here is a pearl version, I would like to catch a Misdreaus.

・Misdreaus is a Pokemon that appears only at night, but since it is a Pokemon that can invalidate the three types of attribute including its characteristics, let's catch it if it appears fortunately.

2.There is a building near the exit in the Eterna Forest, but if you get a Gym badge, let's go.

・After passing through the Eterna Forest, there are four anglers, so if you hve a grass type or electric type you want to grow, let's grow it.

3.When you get to Eterna City, you can get a Hidden machine [cut] from Cynchia near the building.

・If you go to the house on the right side of the Pokemon Center, you can get an 「explorer kit」, so be sure to get one.

4.There is a Gym in the south of Eterna City, so I will try the Gym.

・Both the opponent and the gym leader use grass-type Pokemon, so if you choose Piplup first, it will be a tough battle.

・If you raise the Wurmple evolve. Silcoon or Casoon evolution in the Eterna Forest to Lv10, it will evolve into a Beautifly or Dustox, so it is recommended because you will be able to fight in an advantageous way at the Eterna Gym.

・If the Starly has risen to a sufficient level, let's evolve it to Starvia here.

・Pokemon used by Gardenia・

・Cherubi Lv19

・Turtwig Lv19

・Roserade Lv22

5.If you beat the Gardenia, you will be able to use Hidden machine [cut]

・cut can be used for thin trees near the Old chateau in the forest, so let's use it to enter the Old chateau in the forest.

・Only ghosts appear in the Old chateau in the forest. If you keep defeating the Gastly, the Sp.Atk will increase slightly, so if you want to strngthen the Sp.Atk, keep defeating the ghost here.

6.Return to Eterna City and Battle because there is a Ginga group in the building in the north.

・On the top floor of the building, Jupiter of the Ginga group is waiting, so we will battle with Jupiter.

・Jupiter's trump card Skuntank is a strong enemy whose weakness is only the ground type in addition to invalidating the Psychic type move

・If you finish shopping at the friendly shop before Battling, the fight will become more advantageous.

・If you choose Turtwig first, it will be a tough battle, so Skuntank will fight while lowering its ability by string shot or sand attack.

・If you win the battle with Jupiter, you will be able to get a bicycle at the cycle shop.

・If you use this, you will be able to run on the cycling road, so let's run.

・You can go to the ayward Cve on Route 206, so if you go north from the right side of the exit of the cycling gate, you can enter the ayward Cve. Gible appears here, and Gible is a Pokemon that you can meet on the first basement floor of a ayward cve. It's a dragon-type Pokemon that you'll meet for the first time in the wild, so it's a place you want to catch.

・Gible is a dragon and ground type, a Pokemon that gradually becomes stronger after evolving into Gabite, so it will become a Pokemon that will strong even if it is raised Lv.

・On Route 207, you can get "Vs.Seeker" and Pokétchs app "Dowsig Machine" from "Lucius" or "Dawn". Both are useful tools, so I want to use them frequently.

7.You can enter Mt. Coronet by going right on Route 207. An event with Zyrus occurs when you enter Mt. Coronet. After finishing the event, aim for the exit on the right.

・After passing Mt. Coronet to the right, you will reach Route 208, and Heart home City is on the right.

・The Pokemon you want to catch on「 Route 208」 is 「Bibarel」. 「Bibarel 」is a Pokemon that 「can master many Hidden machine」 , so if you catch two of, it will be useful in your future adventures.

・He arrives at Heart home City and talks to 「Fantina」.

・Enter the contest venue and enjoy the contest.

・Battle with 「Barrys」 in Heart home City.

・Opponents use 「Starly」,「 ponyta」, and the 「three pokemons」. If you raise the Lv of Pokemon, you will not hve a hard time.

・Go to 「Route 209」 and get a 「Good rod」 from the angler.

・A low-probability Pokemon called 「Chansey」 appears in the grass on 「Route 209」.

・「Chansey」 is an interesting Pokemon whose HP goes up steadily every time the Lv goes up, so it's a good idea to catch it and raise it Lv.

・On the way to 「Solaceon Town」, stop by the 「Lost Tower」, a place that many users sometimes forget to take, and get the Hidden machine 「strngth」the top floor.

・After going to 「Solaceon Town」, it will be useful to catch 「Unown」 at the 「Solaceon ruins」



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