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Pokémon Diamond Pearl Clear guide site Introducing how to proceed from Twinleaf Town to 205 Route


* We are currently using Pokémon Home, Pikabui, and Pokémon Sword Shield.

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1.Open the game and choose the language you want to use.

2.Meet Professor Eibe at the opening.

3.Decide the gender of the main character and enter the name of the main character.

4.Also enter the name of the Barry.

5.The story of Professor Eibe ends and the game starts.

6.The main character then out of the house after watching the TV show and go to a Barry's house in the upper left corner of Twinleaf Town.

7.After talking to your Barrys, go to "Route 201" and head to "Lake Verity" with your Barrys.

8.After arriving at Lake Verity, Starly enters the grass with his Barrys and attacks.

9.The main character chooses one of the three "Chimchar", "Piplup", and "Turtwig" and battles with Starly.

10.If you get lost, "Chimchar" is recommended. Even after evolution, it will become a hearty Pokémon in battle.

11.On the way back to "Lake Verity", I meet "Professor Eibe" and his assistant "Lucius" or "Dawn" and talk.

12.Return to Twinleaf Town and return to the hero's house. Mom will give you "running shoes" and you will be able to dash with the B button of the Nintendo Switch.

13.Next, you will head to "Sandgem Town", but you will enter the grass on the way.

14.Choose to fight or run as "Bidoof" and "Starly" fly out of the wild from the grass on Route 201

15.After arriving at "Sandgem Town" and recovering the Three Family at the Pokémon Center, you can enter the laboratory and talk with "Professor Eibe", and then you can get a "Pokedex" from "Professor Eibe".

16.After receiving the Pokédex, return to Twinleaf Town and receive an Journal from mom at the hero's house.

17.After that, she receives "Parcel" from Barry moms and heads to "Sandgem Town".

18.When you get to Sandgem Town, dr. Lucius or Dawn will teach the main character how to catch Pokémon in the grass of "Route 202".

19.After that, the recommended Pokémon to catch are "Starly" and "Shinx".

As Starly evolves, its "Ability" change to "Intimidate", and if it evolves into "Staraptor" while it increases the party's defenses, it will contribute high in battle with "Close Combat" and "Brve Bird".

20."Shinx" is an "ELECTRIC Type" and is a pokémon in the early stages with only one weak point.

Since "Thunder Wves" do not work, there is little worry about "Paralysis" condition.

21.Even if it becomes "Luxio" or "Luxray", it will significantly lower the quickness with a "Scary Face", so you can greatly reduce the ability of the opponent with the characteristic "Intimidate" as a set.

There is also a way not to evolve "Shinx" in order to remember "Scary Face" early on the trip.

22.After that, the first trainer fight started. Anyone can win if they catch "Shinx" in "Lake Verity partner".

Beat the trainer and head to Jublife City.

23.When you enter Jublife City, first recover your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center.

24.Go to "Trainer's School" in "Jublife City" and deliver "Parcel" to Barrys.

25.If you go from Jublife City to the left gate, there is an angler, so talk to them and get a "Old Rod".

The Pokémon you want to catch here are "Magikarp". Pokémon vailable by using a Old Rod on 218 routes. If it grows and becomes Lv20, it evolves into "Gyarados", and "ability" change to "Intimidate".

"Gyarados" is a Pokémon that does not lose even if you raise it to learn powerful techniques such as "Ice Fang", "AquaTail", and "Dragon Dance" every time the level increases

26.An event occurred when I spoke to the president of "Pokétch Company".

27.After that, you can get a "Pokétch voucher" by talking to three clowns of "Jublife City" and answering the quiz correctly.

Hve the voucher exchanged for "Pokétch".

28.Go to "Route 203" and battle with your Barrys.

Your opponent will challenge the pokémon of your choice with a type that is advantageous, so let's win by compatibility or push with Lv difference.

・Recommended Pokémon "Shinx" when choosing "Chimchar"

・Recommended Pokémon "Starly" and "Kricketot" when choosing "Piplup"

・Recommended Pokémon "Shinx" when choosing "Turtwig"

After winning against your Barrys, proceed to "Oreburgh Gate" on the right.

29.At "Oreburgh Gate", you get "Rock smash" and proceed to "Oreburgh City".

30.On the first floor of "Oreburgh Condominiums", there is an NPC that exchanges "Abra" and "Machop".

If you are lucky ethroque to get "Abra" by throwing a "Pokéball" in the grass of "Route 203", you can exchange it.

Pokémon received from people will be easier to increase lv than ordinary Pokémon, so let's play an active part with them in hand.

31.When I go to the gym of "Oreburgh City", there is no "Gym Leader", so I head to "Oreburgh Mine" to find a "Gym Leader".

After meeting "Roark" on the first basement floor, we talk to him and ask him to go back to the Gym.

32.I went back to "Oreburgh City" and went to the Gym.

Go through the Gym and meet "Roark" of "Gym Leader" and battle.

"Pokémon used by Roark"

Geodude Lv12

Onix Lv12

Cranidos Lv14

The "Cranidos" trump card of "Roark" is a very strong enemy. The attack power of "Cranidos" is "as high as Landorus" before you want to settle.Beware of Cranidos' techniques "Leer" and "Focus Energy"

If you choose "Chimchar", let's evolve to "Monferno" and then challenge the Gym.

33.Get a "Gym Badge" from "Roark" and return to "Jublife City".

If you go north through Jublife City, "Professor Eibe"and assistant"Lucius" or "Dawn" are attacked by "Ginga Group".

If you battle "Ginga" and win, you will be able to advance to the back of "Route 204".

The rock of "Rvaged Path" can be Break by "Rock smash".

・Pokémon that learn "Rock smash"







Break the rocks and exit to the right of the "Rvaged Path".

34.After you get out, head north to Floaroma Town.

Go to the Flower Shop at Floaroma town and get psyduck watering can.

Go right from "Floaroma town" and listen to the girl's asking.

35.If you continue to the right, there is a "Valley Windworks", but the door is locked.

Once you return to Floaroma Town, head to Floaroma Meadow.

In "Floaroma Meadow", you battle "Ginga Group 2" and win.

After the battle, obtain the Works Key and return to the Valley Windworks.

36.In "Power Plant in the Valley", we battled with "Two Ginga Group" and "Mars" of "Ginga Group Executive".

Mars' trump card Purugly is a very strong enemy.

「Machop」 and 「Meditite」 in "Mt. Coronet" "Route 207" and aim and devise weaknesses to defeat them. Meditite has a double power because of its Pure Power trait.

If you it up "Meditite", the opportunities for success will increase in battle from now on.

After defeating "Mars", go north on "Route 205" and proceed to "Eterna Forest".



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