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Introducing a list of Pokemon that are difficult to obtain in Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Pokemon red blue green yellow game guide.


How to obtain difficult-to-obtain Pokémon


Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur

Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★

Choose a Charmander from the first three in Pallet Town.

It is mainly the first generation "red blue green" and is extremely difficult to obtain.


★Most trainers

Because the first three animals ha ve been final evolved,

The difficulty of obtaining it is extremely difficult.


★Unless it is used in "Pikachu version of Subrom"

It is not possible to obtain Pokemon through regular methods.


★Of course, there is no element such as eggs like Pokemon after Gold and Silver.


Charmeleon Wartortle Ivysaur

Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★★

starter evolves at Lv16.

It is more difficult to obtain than Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle above.

If you aim to complete the Pokédex with the first-generation Pokemon, this is an una voidable path.

After first using the Pikachu version to obtain all three families, you must raise it to an intermediate evolution.

If you were to worry about the number of Pokemon in the box, it would be the domain of the fiercest. You can brag to your friends.


Hitmonlee Hitmonchan

Obtaining difficulty★★★★

It can be obtained from ``Fighting Dojo'' in Saffron City.

Since there is no bulky in the first generation, it is surprisingly easy to obtain.

Either you can help your friend advance to Saffron City,

or you can just use Sabrom to advance to Saffron City and get the Pokemon.

Omanyte Kabuto

Omanyte Kabuto

Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★

The Kaseki obtained by Mt. Moon is restored at the Cinnabar Island Research Institute.

Surprisingly, the story was easier to clear in the first generation.

Because it is possible,

You can ask a friend to replace it right away.


Because Kabuto is always more popular in terms of design,

Omanyte “Helix Fossil”

It's easy to receive it during your adventure.

*By the way, it includes an element of luck.

Omster Kabutops

Omster Kabutops

Difficulty of obtaining ★★★★★

Evolve Omanyte Kabuto.

Basically, red and green are extremely easy to level up.

The problem is that Omanyte and Kabuto are difficult to obtain before evolution.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★★

Enter from the back of the Celadon City apartment and get it on the top floor.

Eevee is now a popular Pokemon along with Pikachu.


Many players use stones to evolve and then raise them during their adventure.

Rare if you ha ve it after Booster or Vaporeon.


The main evolution destination is the deep-rooted popularity of "Thunders",

To obtain it, you need to use Sabrom.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★★

Use "Fire Stone" on Eevee.

At that time, the ``fire type'' was not popular as a booster because it removed the opponent's ``cold'' status.


Even in the battle against Erika in Celadon City, the player who chose Squirtle can exploit its weakness with "Ice Beam", so


Players who ha ve boosters are very popular as encyclopedia entries.


Let's lea ve Sanders to Marmine.



Difficulty to obtain★★★★★★★

Use "Water Stone" on Eevee.

Since "Surf" can be used mainly as an escort for Charizard and Venusaur,

there are surprisingly many players who ha ve it after Thunders.

Although it is easy to exchange, it has a strong luck element.



Obtaining difficulty★★★

Obtained from ``Scientist'' on the 7th floor of Silph Company.

You can get it during the story, so it's relatively easy.


Since there are no eggs in the first generation,

The trade price for acquiring a second Lapras itself is high.


Lapras itself can also “Blizzard”

The high racial value is also an understandable reason.



Obtaining difficulty★★★

Ha ve it exchanged for "Poliwhirl" at Cerulean City.

It's relatively easy to obtain.

The reason why it is so difficult to obtain is because of its high performance.


Since his own defense power is low, the "cold type" has a special technique that puts the opponent in a "sleep" state with a 75% chance, so the market price is high.


It is unclear whether the market price is right for the limited version to obtain.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★

Get it at Safari Zone

In the first generation, he is a user of type matching "hyper beam".

Not only does it ha ve high attack power, it can also use "Blizzard" and "Thunder".


Furthermore, its quickness is also top class.


If you want to get the second one by trading, the market price is high and it would be faster to get it yourself.


If you purchase blue, it will be exchanged for Persian for 18 bands.

There's a player.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★

Get it at the Safari Zone.

A Pokémon that can only be obtained in the Safari Zone.


When capturing Lucky,

the luck factor is strong and the difficulty of obtaining it is high, so the st rength is unparalleled.


As soon as you get it, you should remember things like "Double Team".


As for trading, it is less difficult to obtain than Centaros.

Basically, once you get one, you don't need to get any more.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★★

Obtained from Cerulean Ca ve.

A legendary Pokemon that only appears at the end of the adventure.

Psychics at that time were on par with the 5th generation Dragon types in terms of type compatibility.

He can basically do anything from ``Dowasure'' to ``Blizzard'' and ``Psychic.'' Subrom is required for the second and subsequent bodies.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★

Obtain up to the twins.

The demand was high due to the influence of the "ice type", and the "Blizzard" and high racial value from the type matching were as expected too much.

This is also a must-ha ve subrom after the second one.



Obtaining difficulty★★★★★★★★★★

“Event limited *Reality”

There aren't that many players who ha ve it officially at the moment.

It can be considered that 90% of players mainly obtain them through fishing.


Due to its high speed even for fishing

In addition to being able to use "Blizzard" and "Psychic",

Depending on how you use your "henshin", you can become a "ice type".


Furthermore, after transforming into “ice type”

Mew itself does not become "ice state".






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