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Pokémon Red and Green game guide From Saffron City to Viridian City's Gym Leader "Giovanni"



Give the "Fresh Water" purchased on the rooftop in Celadon City to the Gate attendant, allowing you to enter Saffron City.

Saffron City

Before challenging the Gym, defeat Team Rocket in the Silph Co.

Prepare at the Friendly Shop and then go to the Silph Co.

Silph Co.

Your rival's Pokémon are at high levels here, and there are many Team Rocket members, making battles challenging.

Defeat Team Rocket members with high-power moves.

Note: In Silph Co, an NPC gives you Lapras, so be cautious not to miss it.

Silph Co. Progression

First, aim for the 5th floor using the elevator and collect the card key by going south.

Next, go to the 3rd floor, use the central warp zone, and proceed to Giovanni's location.

Silph Co. 2

Challenge Giovanni for the second time here.

vs. Giovanni (Second Battle)

Giovanni's Pokémon "Red, Blue, Green"

Nidorino Lv37
Nidoqueen Lv41
Rhyhorn Lv37
Kangaskhan Lv35

Giovanni's Pokémon "Pikachu Version"

Nidorino Lv37
Nidoqueen Lv41
Rhyhorn Lv37
Persian Lv35

Saffron Gym

Go to Saffron Gym and challenge Sabrina.

To reach Gym Leader Sabrina, consistently use the diagonal warp panels set up in the gym.

vs. Sabrina

Sabrina's Pokémon "Red, Blue, Green"

Kadabra Lv38
Alakazam Lv43
Venomoth Lv38
Mr. Mime Lv37

Sabrina's Pokémon "Pikachu Version"

Abra Lv50
Kadabra Lv50
Alakazam Lv50

Sabrina's Strategy

In the first-generation games, Psychic Pokémon only ha ve Psychic as their resistance.

Ghost-type Gengar and similar Pokémon with Poison/Ghost types also exploit their weakness.

Especially in Pikachu Version, this is considered one of the most challenging areas with level 50 Kadabra and Alakazam.

Rather than forcing a battle with the starter Pokémon, consider catching a level 50 Zapdos in the Power Plant or Articuno in the Seafoam Islands before challenging Sabrina.

Pallet Town

Use Surf in an area with water here and head south to Cinnabar Island.

There are many trainers in the water, but with a captured Zapdos, you should be fine.

Cinnabar Island

An NPC in Cinnabar Island can restore the fossils obtained in the Mt. Moon, so make sure to revive them.

Go to Pokémon Mansion and, after obtaining the "Secret Key" on B1F, gain access to the Cinnabar Gym.

First, attempt to challenge the Cinnabar Gym.

Cinnabar Gym

This gym operates on a quiz mechanism, and answering correctly allows you to a void battles with trainers.

On the contrary, losing quizzes or talking to trainers yields more experience points, making it easier to train Pokémon like Gyarados or Blastoise by losing quizzes consistently.

vs. Gym Leader

Gym Leader's Team "Red, Blue, Green"

Growlithe Lv42
Ponyta Lv40
Arcanine Lv47
Rapidash Lv42

Gym Leader's Team "Pikachu Version"

Ninetales Lv48
Arcanine Lv54
Rapidash Lv50

Gym Leader's Strategy

The gym leader specializes in Fire-type Pokémon.

Effective types include Rock, Ground, and Water.

Restoring the fossil Pokémon you revived earlier won't learn decent moves.

To succeed, encounter Tentacool on the water and evolve it into Tentacruel or train Gyarados.

For Pokémon other than Venusaur, use "Dig" repeatedly on pre-trained Pokémon.

Viridian City

Return to Viridian City and meet with the Viridian Gym Leader, Giovanni.

Giovanni, the Viridian City Gym Leader, specializes in Ground-type Pokémon.

Ground types are known for high-powered moves and high resistance.

Deal with them swiftly using "Grass," "Water," or "Ice" types.

Players who chose Charmander can feel secure with a raised Lapras or catching Articuno on the Seafoam Islands.

Continue to the Viridian Gym.






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