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Pokémon Red and Green Walkthrough From Vermilion City Gym Leader "Lt. Surge" to the Rocket Team Hideout


Vermilion Gym

The gym's mechanisms are switch-based, adding an element of luck to the challenge.

Since the switches are pressed randomly, there is no specific strategy to solve this puzzle.

After pressing one switch, the next one is adjacent.

Here's an easy way to find two switches in Vermilion Gym

Find one switch in Vermilion Gym.

Instead of pressing the adjacent switch immediately, take notes or remember its location.
When you reset the switches, you can easily locate the second switch.

Vs. Lt. Surge

Lt. Surge's Team

Voltorb Lv21
Pikachu Lv18
Raichu Lv24

Strategy Against Matis

Matis's party is generally fast, with Ground being its only weakness.

If you chose Squirtle, level up the Nidoran found on Route 22 to level 16 and evolve it with a "Moon Stone" to Nidoking or Nidoqueen. This will provide a solid counter against Lt. Surge.

Using Geodude from Mt. Moon or Diglett/Dugtrio caught in Diglett's Ca ve is also a viable option.

Vermilion City

Visit the Pokémon Fan Club in Cerulean City, talk to the chairman, and receive the "Bike ."

Use the "Bike" at the bike shop in Vermilion City.

Diglett's Ca ve

In this ca ve, Diglett and Dugtrio are found. In FRLG, due to the ability "Arena Trap," constant battles are required. Playing "Red, Blue, Green, Pikachu," or "Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!" without this ability is more player-friendly.

HM05 "Flash"

After na vigating Diglett's Ca ve, receive the HM05 "Flash" inside a house.

Note: To obtain HM05, catch at least 10 Pokémon.

Cerulean City Again

Return to Cerulean City and head east towards Mt. Moon.

This area has numerous trainers, so manage your Pokémon's HP carefully.

Rock Tunnel

The inside of Mt. Moon Tunnel is dark, but using "Flash" will illuminate the map.

While it's generally possible to clear it without "Flash," there's little demand for the HM.

La vender Town

Prepare for the next city by healing Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and visiting the friendly shop.

Route 8

Head towards "Underground Path" to reach Celadon City.

If you chose Pokémon Green, you can catch Vulpix; if you picked Pokémon Red or Blue, you can get Growlithe.

In the first-generation Pokémon games, Fire-type Pokémon aren't in high demand. The game primarily focuses on Ice and Psychic types.

Celadon City

Head to the Game Corner and talk to the person near the poster.

After talking, you'll be challenged to a battle. Once you win, examine the poster.

After pressing the switch on the poster, you can access the Rocket Team Hideout.

Rocket Team Hideout

This is an excellent place for leveling up your starter Pokémon. By raising their levels now, you'll be well-prepared for battles throughout the game, regardless of Pokémon types.

Rocket Team Hideout B4F

After advancing to B4F, defeat the Rocket Grunt in the northwest to obtain the elevator key.

Once you ha ve the elevator key, use it to go to B4F.

Defeat two Rocket Grunts on B4F to challenge Giovanni.

vs. Rocket Boss Giovanni

Giovanni's team mainly consists of Ground types, with a fast Normal type as his trump card.

Train Water, Grass, and Fighting-type Pokémon before the battle to make it easier.

Giovanni's Team

Onix Lv25
Rhyhorn Lv24
Kangaskhan Lv29

Pikachu Version

Onix Lv25
Rhyhorn Lv24
Persian Lv29

Celadon City 2

After the Rocket Hideout, explore Celadon City.






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