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Pokémon Red and Green game guide From Pallet Town to Pewter City's Gym Leader "Brock"


Early Story

When starting the game anew, Professor Oak appears. You get to decide the names of the main character and the rival.

*Note: You can only input up to 5 characters, so be mindful. In Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, you can input up to 6 characters.

Q. There is no female protagonist in Red and Green, is it only possible to progress with the male protagonist?

A. From the first generation Pokémon to Gold and Silver, choosing a female protagonist is not possible. If you want to use a female protagonist, you can choose Leaf in FRLG or Elaine in Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.

Pallet Town

Go downstairs in the main character's house and visit Professor Oak. After that, head to the grassy area north of Pallet Town, where Professor Oak will stop you.

Enter the Pokémon Lab with Professor Oak, choose one of Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, and embark on your adventure.


The Pokémon you choose initially cannot be obtained through any method other than communication trades. If you're playing a version other than Pikachu, it's recommended to prepare a secondary cartridge and progress through the story first.

Advantages of ha ving a secondary cartridge

★ Obtain Pokémon exclusive to the other version.
★ Get all three starter Pokémon right from the start.
★ Obtain more than one of exclusive Pokémon like Eevee and Mewtwo, which are limited to one during the adventure.
★ Prepare for battles with specific individuals in Gold and Silver, such as Thunder or Snorlax.

Professor Oak's Laboratory

When trying to lea ve the lab, the rival challenges you to a Pokémon battle.

The rival's Pokémon has a type advantage against the main character's type, but it cannot exploit the main character's Pokémon's weaknesses.

It's a level 5 battle between equals, and the outcome doesn't affect the story.

Pikachu Version

In Pikachu version, instead of the starter Pokémon, the rival uses Eevee. Eevee lacks the Adaptability ability in the first-generation setup.

Pikachu just needs to use Thunder Shock.

Route 1

In Route 1, you'll encounter Pokémon like Pidgey and Rattata. Once you obtain the Poké Ball for the first time, it's advisable to capture a Rattata.

Reasons to capture Rattata

Rattata has high speed and can lower the opponent's defense with "Tail Whip." This allows it to ha ve a high knockout potential, even with a slight level difference.

Viridian City

Upon entering the Friendly Shop in Viridian City, you are asked to deliver the "Parcel." To return to Pallet Town from Route 1, where you started, head back to deliver the "Parcel" to Professor Oak.

Professor Oak's Laboratory 2

After delivering the "Parcel" to Professor Oak at Professor Oak's Laboratory, you receive the Pokédex.

Pallet Town 2

Visit your rival's house, receive the Town Map, and then embark on your adventure.

Route 1

It's recommended to level up the starter Pokémon to level 7 or higher here to make the adventure easier. If you chose Charmander, its slow grow th rate pays off when dominating Viridian Forest.

Route 2

Proceed to Viridian Forest, leveling up your starter Pokémon along the way.

Viridian Forest

While many trainers challenge you to battles here, your starter Pokémon's higher level allows you to easily win with type-matching moves. No need to force weaknesses with Pidgey's "Gust."

The only thing to watch out for is being inflicted with "Poison" by Beedrill's "Poison Sting." If you chose Squirtle, it's best to a void battles with wild Beedrill.

In Pikachu version, catch Caterpie. Caterpie's "String Shot" lowers the opponent's speed, which proves effective against Brock's Onix when evolved into Butterfree. Using "String Shot" against Onix stabilizes your Pokémon's attack and increases your chances of winning.

Pewter City

Here, you'll face the first Gym Leader, Brock. Rock-types ha ve high defense, so if you chose Charmander, lowering the defense with Rattata's "Tail Whip" or evolving Beedrill to use "Poison Sting" is crucial.

Pewter City Gym Leader Brock's Battle

Brock's Pokémon

★ Geodude Lv12

★ Onix Lv14

Brock's Pokémon in Pikachu version

★ Geodude Lv10

★ Onix Lv12

Strategy for players who chose Charmander against Brock

The main challenge is Onix. It has high defense, making it difficult to break through with normal-type moves. Onix's main weakness is being afflicted with "Poison" or "Burn" due to its low special defense.

A strategy involves aiming for a "Burn" with "Ember" while taking advantage of Onix's low special defense.

Strategy for players who chose Pikachu against Brock

In Pikachu version, Mankey appears on Route 22. Mankey is a Fighting-type Pokémon strong against Onix and learns Karate Chop at level 9. Lower Onix's stats with "String Shot" or "Tail Whip" while attacking with Mankey's "Karate Chop."

The journey continues to Mt. Moon.






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