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Pokémon Red and Green game guide From Viridian City's Gym Leader "Giovanni" to the Champion Battle


Viridian Gym

Challenge the Gym Leader Giovanni in the back.

Basically, you can smoothly progress using type-matching moves of Venusaur, Blastoise, Lapras, and Articuno.

Watch out for slow Pokémon like Snorlax, as they might get hit by "Fissure."

If using Pokémon like Snorlax or Slowbro, keep their levels high to a void getting affected by "Fissure."

vs. Giovanni

Giovanni's Pokémon

Rhyhorn Lv45
Rhydon Lv50
Dugtrio Lv42
Nidoqueen Lv44
Nidoking Lv45

Giovanni's Pokémon "Pikachu Version"

Rhydon Lv55
Dugtrio Lv50
Persian Lv53
Nidoqueen Lv53
Nidoking Lv55

Giovanni's Strategy

In Red, Blue, Green, Ground-type moves can easily defeat them, but in Pikachu Version, Persian is added instead of Rhydon.

Persian is a Normal-type Pokémon and has high speed.

Use moves like "Thunder Wa ve" to lower its speed or defeat it quickly with a fast Pokémon.

Route 22

After defeating Giovanni at the Viridian Gym, battle your rival on Route 22.

Win against your rival and proceed to the Pokémon League.

Victory Road

Inside Victory Road, you need the HM move "Str ength" to solve puzzles.

It is inhabited by Pokémon like Machop.

Be cautious of high-level Pokémon battles, and keep an eye on HP and PP.

Indigo Plateau

Once you've prepared at the Pokémon Center and Friendly Shop, challenge the E lite Four.

Here, even with a decent level, knowledge of type matchups becomes essential.

Fire-type is strong against Water-type, and Electric-type is strong against Water-type.

Water-type is strong against Dragon-type, and Ice-type is strong against Dragon-type.

Grass-type is strong against Fire-type, and Rock-type is strong against Ice-type.

Electric-type is strong against Dragon-type, and Ice-type is strong against Dragon-type.

Progressing while replenishing type matchups makes the journey easier.

Before challenging the E lite Four, capture Articuno and Zapdos.

In this game, especially Articuno is outstanding.

The move it can use, "Blizzard," has a power of 120, an accuracy of 90, and only 5 PP, but it has a 30% chance of freezing the opponent.

The frozen status, according to the mechanics of the first generation, won't be lifted unless hit by a Fire-type move, essentially equivalent to defeating a Pokémon.

Due to the challenging balance of the first generation battles, which is harsher than the current Pokémon environment, the battle balance was largely revised in Gold/Silver and Ruby/Sapphire.

E lite Four Lorelei Battle

Lorelei's Pokémon

Dewgong Lv54
Slowbro Lv54
Cloyster Lv53
Jynx Lv56
Lapras Lv56

Key Points for Lorelei's Battle

Lorelei's Pokémon ha ve high physical resistance, and battles can extend if hit by moves like "Sing" or "Minimize."

Using "Toxic" against all but Dewgong makes the battle easier.

With many Water-types, use Thunder with Zapdos to defeat them quickly.

E lite Four Bruno Battle

Bruno's Pokémon

Onix Lv53
Onix Lv56
Hitmonlee Lv55
Hitmonchan Lv55
Machamp Lv58

Key Points for Bruno's Battle

Bruno is a Fighting-type specialist.

Although he has two Rock-type Pokémon for Flying-type covera ge, Onix's attack power is not significant.

Battle with Psychic-type or Flying-type Pokémon.

E lite Four Agatha Battle

Agatha's Pokémon

Gengar Lv56
Arbok Lv58
Golbat Lv56
Haunter Lv55
Gengar Lv60

Key Points for Agatha's Battle

Despite the impression of being a Ghost-type specialist, Agatha is a Poison-type user.

Overall, the speed is high, and there are scenes where Gengar's two HP reduction moves can be problematic.

It is the most challenging part of the E lite Four, and starting with moves like "Agility" from Pokémon like Zapdos or Articuno is safe.

When there's an opening, use Chansey to endure while healing with "Potion."

E lite Four Lance Battle

Lance's Pokémon

Gyarados Lv58
Dragonair Lv56
Aerodactyl Lv60
Dragonair Lv56
Dragonite Lv62

Key Points for Lance's Battle

The battle changes depending on the player's actions at the beginning.

After defeating Agatha and placing Articuno at the front of your party, write a report at Agatha's location, proceed to Lance's room, and freeze Gyarados with "Blizzard."

Increase the sweeping performance of the entire party while raising Speed and Special Attack with "X Special," "X Speed," and "Agility."

Once Speed and Special Attack are sufficiently raised, defeat one Gyarados with Articuno.

As for Dragonite, it can be defeated with an Ice-type move, so while Gyarados is frozen, raise Articuno's Speed.

Champion & Rival Battle

Rival's Pokémon

Pidgeot Lv61
Exeggutor Lv61 or Lv63
Arcanine Lv61 or Lv63
Gyarados Lv61 or Lv63
Alakazam Lv59
Starter's final evolution Lv65

Rival's Pokémon"Pikachu Version"

Sandslash Lv61
Exeggutor Lv61 or Lv63
Ninetales Lv61 or Lv63
Cloyster Lv61 or Lv63
Alakazam Lv59
Eevee's final evolution Lv65

Key Points for Rival's Battle

Watch out for Alakazam and the starters; otherwise, there are no challenging Pokémon.

Once you've come this far, defeat the Pokémon while being cautious of Alakazam and aim for the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations on entering the Hall of Fame!






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